5 Tips for your Family Camper Holiday

Travelling with the youngen’s is a great way to spend some quality family time together without the hassle of constantly packing and
unpacking.  Everyone will indulge in the freedom that comes with being in a camper and being able to pull over whenever and wherever you choose. On the road, there will always be something to entertain the kids whether it is a playground, milkshake pit-stop or attraction
to explore. Here are 5 tips for your upcoming family holiday in a camper.

1. Travel outside of peak holiday periods

If you are flexible with your travel dates and travelling with young kids, try to book your holiday outside of popular school holiday or peak
summer periods. This means that you can experience a more affordable holiday without the crowds.

2. Book the right vehicle type for your kids

If you are travelling with a child that requires a baby or booster seat, ensure that you book the appropriate vehicle. The Seeker and Discovery motorhomes are all equipped with the appropriate anchor points so that your children are safe while you’re on the road. For more information on child seats visit our website here.  

3. Bring along on road entertainment 

All Cruisin’ motorhomes are equipped with a TV and DVD player for your entertainment. Bring along some DVD’s so the kids can be
entertained on those long drives. Alternatively, pack an audio story book to slot in the CD player.

4. Hire an outdoor table and chair setting

Hiring a table and chair setting from Cruisin’ means that you can make the most of the great outdoors with your kids. Sitting outside will break up the long journeys inside the motorhome and give everyone a rejuvenating dose of fresh air.

5. Teach the kids important geography lessons

A trip around Australia will be an informative holiday for everyone in the family. Visit a historically significant landmark in each of the destinations you visit and teach the kids the basics about the country’s history. In the motorhome you have the flexibility and freedom to pull over wherever you desire so get creative about it!