8 Advantages of Taking a Holiday

Have you been staring longingly out your office window lately dreaming of far off destinations and the chance to hit the carefree and open road? It sounds as if you are in desperate need of a holiday: that glorious break from reality. Often with the hectic nature of day to day life and routine it can be difficult to find the time to simply stop and take a breather. Here are 10 reasons why everyone needs to take that moment to enjoy a much-needed and necessary break from reality:

1. Forget the routine

Taking a holiday is a great chance to break away from the 9-5 lifestyle for a while. You know the one; rushing to get the kids to school, swigging back a coffee and throwing together lunchboxes simultaneously all while trying not to be late to work. Enjoying a few weeks off gives you time to catch up on sleep and live outside of the rigid routine.

2. Go where you’ve never been

Those precious few weeks of annual leave each year offer you the chance to explore unchartered territories. Hire a camper, hit the road and start discovering destinations that you’ve never seen or even thought of before. Have you been waiting for the chance to explore Australia’s Red Centre or desperate to float through the turquoise waters of the Whitsundays? Well, your next holiday is the ideal time to do so.

3. Re-energise and Refocus

Research shows that a holiday allows people to feel more energised and satisfied with life and even improves productivity while at work. Make that important break from your routine and come back feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and ready to face the world.

4. Reconnect with those around you

Remember those people that you live with? The ones you briefly see each morning and night? A holiday is a great time to re-connect with those people and spend some quality time together. Hire a family camper, switch off your phone, tablets and computers and simply catch up.

5. Disconnect

A holiday is a convenient excuse to switch off your phone and disable your email account. Enjoy some deserved peace and solitude and read a book instead. Hiring a camper is a great way to enjoy peace and quiet away from technology and city-life. Simply drive away from built-up areas, set yourself up by the beach and get ready for a brilliant sunset and that longed for peace and quiet.

6. Create new memories

The memories created on a holiday are the sort to last a life-time and keep you going on more monotonous days. If you’re embarking on a self-drive adventure don’t forget your camera! Put together an album so you have something tangible to reflect back on.

7. Have fun & do something you’ve never done before

Part of going on holiday means that you have the opportunity to encounter experiences or activities that you have never done before. Whether it is your dream to go snorkeling, bush-walking or skydiving – a holiday is the time for trying the new.

8. Stay healthy

A break from your usual routine is necessary for keeping our minds and bodies in a healthy condition and can even add to your life expectancy! Take a holiday and give your immune system the boost that it needs.

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