8 Reasons To Hire The Cruisin' Deluxe Next Holiday (2016) - Cruisin Motorhome Rentals Australia

Cruisin’s newest fleet addition is the perfect motorhome for anyone seeking a luxury self-drive experience in Australia. The Cruisin’ Deluxe
has a sleek interior boasting a full size fridge and freezer, gas stove
and grill and plenty of storage for your belongings. Here’s why you
should consider our latest model for your 2016 self drive adventure.

1. It doesn’t hurt to treat yourself once in a while

Going on holiday allows you to create memories that you
can revisit over and over again. Why not treat yourself to a luxury
holiday that you will always remember? The Deluxe adds an extra level of
comfort to the motorhome experience and has an industry-leading
interior design. Encounter ultimate comfort while you navigate around

2. Encounter a smooth-sailing driving experience 

With cruise control, power steering and great fuel
consumption, the Deluxe makes driving easy. Glide along the highway
without a care in the world.

3. Have all the space you need 

The Deluxe has a spacious interior allowing you to feel
like you’re in a luxury home on wheels. When you pull up by the beach
for the night, relax at one of two dining areas while admiring the
outside view. This vehicle is ideal for couples that want all that extra
space to themselves.

4. Cook fresh, seasonal and local produce from your kitchen

The Deluxe comes with a well-equipped kitchen, giving you
the opportunity to enjoy all the perks of self-contained living while
you’re on holiday. Make the most of your full size, 3-way fridge,
microwave, gas stove, electric plate and gas grill.

5. Enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep

With three beds on board, you can experience a comfortable and peaceful night’s sleep in the Cruisin’ Deluxe 6 berth campervan. Leave the curtains open and wake up to your surrounds – there’s truly no better way to rise!

6. Appreciate a bright, light and airy interior 

If you love space and light, this is the camper for you.
The motorhome is lined with large windows ideal for watching the sun set
in the evening.

7. Try out a latest-model edition 

There is something exciting about hiring the top of the
line. Appreciate the sleek, modern and cutting-edge motorhome and
indulge in the finer details.

8. You only live once, after all

It’s true. Which is why you deserve the best. Contact our reservations team or visit our Deluxe motorhome page to view photos of the latest-model Cruisin’ vehicle.

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