8 Signs You’ll Love Travelling by Camper

Often it can be difficult to decide what sort of holiday you  want to take this year. Will it be a cosy weekend away at the shack, an international escape or a self-drive Aussie adventure? If it is a self-drive holiday you are in search of, here are 8 signs you'll love
travelling by camper:

1. You love adventure 

If you are a bit of an adrenaline junkie with a keen sense of adventure and burning desire to get off-the-beaten-path than hiring a
camper is definitely for you. You'll love gliding down the highway with the music blaring, knowing that you can take any turn in the road and potentially get very, very lost.

2. You don't need a set itinerary to have fun

If you are happy to throw the schedule out the window and live on the edge without a plan, you will love hiring a camper in Australia. The beauty of the experience is that it allows freedom and flexibility to go where you choose, when you choose. Anyone who can go with the holiday flow will love the experience.

3. You enjoy driving 

There's no doubt that Australia is an expansive country meaning there are a lot of miles to drive. If you enjoy being behind the wheel burning along the highway than you will simply adore exploring Australia by campervan.

4. Nature is your 'thing' 

Other than camping,a motorhome hire is the perfect way to get up close and personal with the wilderness. Whether you are exploring a national park in Tasmania or pulled up by a remote beach in New South Wales, the opportunities to get back to nature are endless. (Photo credit: Jesse Hisco)

5. You enjoy the company of others 

If you're a people person than you will love the atmosphere at Australia's caravan parks. Grab yourself the marshmallows and a stick and make your way to the communal camping area to make some lifelong friends!

6. You don't mind 'roughing it' a bit

Modern motorhomes have all the bells and whistles of home but that doesn't completely avoid the fact that there is still a 'camping' element to the motorhome experience.

7. You live for the journey rather than the destination

Half the fun of travelling by camper is losing the map, being on road and enjoying the journey with your travel companions. If this sounds like fun than travelling in a motorhome is for you.

8. You live to see and experience the new

If you enjoy seeing new things every day and experiencing all that is new, the camper experience is just what the doctor ordered.
Every day you'll be meeting new people, discovering new towns and embracing new experiences! (Photo Credit: Jesse Hisco)

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