9 Reasons You Should Consider Hiring A Motorhome For Your Romantic Getaway

9 Reasons You Should Consider Hiring A Motorhome For Your Romantic Getaway

Are you looking for some time away with that special someone? Motorhome hire is a private and romantic way to see Australia’s iconic sights and landscapes. With several motorhomes catering to couple’s needs; you can choose anything from a cosy camper for two  to a spacious appointment with a slide out room and plenty of kitchen space ideal for cooking a romantic dinner. Here are our 9 reasons for cosying up with your loved one in the comfort of a motorhome this winter.

1. Reconnect on the Open Road

With plenty of time driving along the highway and spectacular scenery passing you by, travelling in a motorhome or campervan is a great opportunity to catch up and relax. Listen to your favourite music on the in-built CD player or simply appreciate the carefree nature of going wherever you choose to go together.

2. Dine Alfresco Under the Sunset

Prepare a home cooked meal in your on board kitchen, pull out the outdoor table and chair setting and watch the sun sink below the horizon at your choice of destination. The combination of setting, fresh Australian produce and company will make the night one to remember.

3. Experience a Vast Range of Landscapes and Experiences

There’s nothing like experiencing an adventure together and Australia is the perfect place to do so. Go on a croc hunting expedition in the Northern Territory, enjoy a winery tour in South Australia or marvel at the Apostles along the Great Ocean Road in Victoria. A self-drive adventure is the ideal time to make some unforgettable memories for your album.

4. Sleep Under the Stars

The advantage of travelling around with everything you need means that you can pull up wherever you like. Sleep in the outback under the starry night’s sky, enjoy your own patch of Tasmania’s prime national park area or simply listen to the waves lapping outside your front door at one of Australia’s fantastic coastal destinations. This romantic experience in the outdoors is one you are not likely to forget any time soon.

5. Escape the Hustle and Bustle

Travel away from built up city areas and spend some alone time together in the quite villages and towns of rural or coastal Australia. Meet friendly locals, dine at cosy candle-lit establishments and enjoy the fresh air against your cheeks. Escaping everyday life gives you the chance to reconnect and talk about those things that you never get the chance to.

6. Meet Other Couples

On your romantic adventure in Australia it’s for certain that you’ll make lifelong friends. Spend some time in caravan parks making the most of the great facilities and sitting around a roaring campfire with fellow campers. Talk to other couples and make friends in new corners of Australia.

7. Let Go of the Budget and Be Wined and Dined

Leaving the kids at home can be the perfect chance for you to dress up and experience some of the country’s best restaurants. Eat seafood on the pristine Sunshine Coast, sip on Oysters in Tasmania or try premium steak in country Canberra. Indulge yourself on the best the country has to offer! Or, if you’re looking for something a little more low key, fish and chips by the beach can be just as romantic.

8. While the Hours Away Doing Absolutely Nothing

Though it’s important to sight see and visit attractions on your motorhome itinerary, doing absolutely nothing is often exactly what the doctor ordered. Pull up beside a secluded beach and spend the day whale watching, enjoying coastal walks or simply lying in the sun side by side.

9. Visit the Wineries

Australia is home to a number of fantastic wine regions specialising in a range of wine. Settle yourself in the Barossa Valley or Hunter Valley, sample cheese from the local vineyards and try a range of deliciously spiced wine. Lay back, relax and enjoy your romantic escape.