Australia’s Top Camping Apps

Summer is just around the corner meaning peak camping season
is fast approaching. These smart phone and tablet apps will guide you
to some of the country’s best campgrounds (photo courtesy of Sabastien


One of our favourite camping apps at Cruisin’ is
WikiCamps, a straightforward and user-friendly app for your smart phone
or tablet that provides everything you need to know about caravan parks
and free campgrounds in Australia. It will also let you know all the
features and facilities available at each point and how far each site is
from your current location. The app offers a 15 day free trial before
you have to pay $3.99. You can download Wikicamps on iTunes or
PlayStore. The app is user-generated so anyone can add their photos or
campsite suggestions.

Australian Road Trips 

This app is perfect for motorhoming and features over 300
routes across Australia for you to choose from on your self-drive
adventure. Each road trip has recommendations for what to do and see
along the way including where to eat and camp. You can download
Australian Road Trips using iTunes and Google Play.

First Aid (Australian Red Cross) 

This application developed by the Australian Red Cross is simply a must have
and will guide you step by step through basic first aid: an essential
for when you are immersed in the wilderness and miles away from
civilisation! This app covers everything from what to do if someone is
injured or bitten during your holiday to how to complete CPR. The app is
100% free and can be downloaded on both android and iTunes.


If you want to connect with other travellers in the
virtual world to share your trips and find brand new routes, EveryTrail
is a great app for you. Here you can mark your own trip with photos and
upload them for all your online friends to see. Some of the impressive
features of this online application include audio guides, route tracking
and download maps.

Australia Bushwalking 

If you’re a keen bushwalker or trekker, this app is a must
and will guide you to the nearest bushwalks to your campsite. It is an
extremely detailed application, offering notes on each trail from the
creator who is nothing less than a local bushwalking expert. You will
find that the walks are centred around popular Australian tourist
destinations. You can leave your own notes on each bushwalk once you’ve
finished! Download the app for just $4.99.
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