Bondi Rescue Boys Wedding Escape with Corey Oliver

(Corey Oliver), well i’ve been a Lifeguard for the past 16 years at
Bondi Beach and haven’t looked back. From the early days of chasing
dreams of competitive body boarding & a huge love of the outdoors,
the ocean, travelling and freedom to live my life, working on the beach
couldn’t have made it any easier. The Endless Summer!! Meeting so many
travellers has kept the travel dream alive and well. I’ve done a couple
of road trips recently   & using a Cruisin Motorhome in Tasmania got
me hooked!!! I’m a definite convert and i know the boys & other
mates are looking at making  bookings in the near future.  Here is a
photo of me with the Hoff!

Palmer is a very successful advertising photographer, who loves his
surfing, being active, and never a shy bone in his body. A very well
mannered man, who has a huge zest for adventure and finding his
boundaries 🙂 Rob & his wife Sophia, recently released a
cooking/travel book based around Sophia’s French Moroccan background,
called “Colour Of Moroc”. This is an amazing book and be ready for a
possible TV series to follow.

Marquina has found himself to be a very sought after TV Advertising
Director. Over the past few years, he’s worked his way up from the
bottom & his meticulous style of having all his ducks in a row is
definitely paying off. Galavanting all over the world and seeing some
amazing places along the way. Albeit in only a few days time and running
like a mad man. This career was a massive turn around from being a well
respected big wave chaser and competitive body boarder for many years.
I’m sure he’s found is artistic calling & enjoying every minute of

The Boys Trip


do we begin? A Boys trip with super fun waves, countless amounts of
laughter, friends, great weather and an amazing wedding in Byron Bay’s
Hinterland to top it all off. 

There was so much hype
around it all. The boys would be Cruisin’ in a campervan! Jose, used to
living out of a suitcase, was a definite, but Rob, more of the hotelier
type, was 50/50. It wasn’t until Rob’s ‘Plan A’ of cushy boutique
holidaying fell through that he was forced to commit to the van and
he’ll be the first to admit that it was for the best.

Rob & I started on our
Postie motorbikes with our surfboards precariously strapped over our
shoulders and dodging Sydney rush hour traffic all the way to the
Airport from Bondi. We stashed the bikes, checked in and couldn’t wait
to get underway. Goldie here we come!! 

When we finally set our eyes on the VW 6 berth Discovery
wasn’t it a sight! A TV, shower, toilet, gas cookers, fridge, 3
comfortable beds and storage galore. With the trusty German auto
engineering the camper went like a dream and was so easy to get used to
driving. The surf was flat and the wind was blowing so there was nothing
to do but cruise the streets in our new mobile home and get stuck into
some man shopping- Body Science, Billabong, Kirra Surf and finally the
bottle-O to stock the fridge.

first night was a little windy, but with a few celebratory beers under
my belt and some serious snoring, I didn’t hear a thing. Rob let me know
otherwise 🙂 Whoops!!!!   We woke up in front of Hasting Point, just
south of the Qld/NSW border & the day couldn’t have gotten any
better. 3 surfs later, separated only by cooking breaks in the back of
the van and Rob pretending to read The Economist, we cracked out the Gin
and Tonics on the hill and basked in the sun. Not once did we need to
leave our spot all day but we watched as so many others had to. Such a
shame 😉

bound and ready meet the clan, everyone stoked to see each other &
get ready for the Wedding, but there was one topic for the weekend-
The Cruisin’ Campervan!!
Everyone had to investigate and see it for themselves. Pretty sure
we’ve converted a few and made them jealous at the same time!

Jose, the late arrival,
finally joined us after stepping off the red-eye from a job in Perth.
This bloke is full blown OCD. Within an hour the van had been cleaned
and polished from top to bottom, Rob and I were perfectly happy to let
him go for it. Whatever keeps him happy.

Dinner & drinks with the
Grooms side was well behaved and most peeled away at midnight. Mind
you, Rob and others had different plans & thought it would be a fun
idea to bring back a mini party, at 4am! The bed we’d carefully made for
him was met with a “where’s the table? We can’t drink on a bloody bed!”
and before Jose and I had time to even lift our heads, it’s been pulled
apart by a crew of booze hounds looking for a corner to sink a few
beers in. As punishing as it was, I must admit it was a very funny
situation!!! We had the last laugh though as the sun rose and we hit the
road heading to Tallows for a last Grooms party surf with a semi-passed
out Rob bouncing around in the back,,,,,, Baaaaahahahaha!!

The stunning day was fitting
for the Wedding that would unfold in Fig Tree, Ewingsdale. Barely a
cloud in sight & a balmy Byron Bay climate kept it to perfection.
The procession & festivities was amazing to be a part of & am so
happy for the newly weds Jason & Eliza and their Families. 

The best thing we found
about having the Camper, was not needing to go home to reload. We
visited friends we’ve not seen for ages & got to have more time to
relax. We could cook healthy foods where ever we wanted to, shower at
ease, had great music the whole way and so much fun! The van was a great
way to keep people together and entertain others at will.

The boys in the van were
loving it and to have the freedom of movement, surfing where ever you
wanted to stop, food at your fingertips and not having to return to your
hotel room, made it such a perfect way to travel!!! 

Can’t wait for the next adventures and a massive thanks to Crusin’ Motorhomes for such an amazing van!!