Tour Australia in a motorhome rental and experience the independence you have been searching for. Enjoy the freedom that comes with travelling at your own pace, stopping when and where you want to, all with the added luxury of unpacking just once.

Whether you’re searching for a fantastic family holiday, romantic honeymoon, a road trip with friends or a retirement adventure, campervan hire is for everyone. Relaxation and rejuvenation, exploration and discovery – this is your dream holiday and where you go is completely up to you!

Cruisin Motorhomes in Australia is the ultimate rental company that delivers high quality service with a personal touch. Dennis Lucas established the rental company 15 years ago after a memorable family holiday in the US renting a motor home.

“I wanted everybody to experience that sort of amazing holiday – but in Australia!” – Dennis Lucas

Originally based in Australia’s natural island state of Tasmania, Cruisin Motorhomes now operates from 6 beautiful locations
throughout Australia. Start your Campervan adventure from Brisbane, Sydney, Hobart, Melbourne or Cairns. Campervan hire in Australia is easy and affordable when you choose to travel with Cruisin Motorhomes.

With more than 150 vehicles in the fleet, Cruisin Motorhomes caters to all types of holidaymakers – from couples to groups or families. We’ve got everything a group of any size could want, from a 2-person quiet getaway to a full-family escape.

“I love the casual, laid-back people who enjoy motorhome holidays. Just like my family, they love the freedom and flexibility of driving and stopping wherever takes their fancy.” – Dennis Lucas

The campervans of today are a far cry from what they once were. There are now luxurious accommodation options that offer great
home comforts – they really are a home away from home!

When you hire a campervan from Cruisin Motorhomes you’ll have a range of options to choose from. The Hitop camper and Adventurer motorhome are designed for up to 3 people. The Sandpiper is perfect for retired couples or newlyweds. Nothing’s better than exploring all of the great sights of Australia with the one you love. For larger groups or families consider the Seeker or Discovery; these two exquisite models will hold from 4 to 6 people and it’ll feel just like you’re at home until you step out the door into the best nature has to offer.

So stop dreaming about that Australia camper trip you’ve always had in the back of your mind and get out there! Contact Cruisin Motorhomes today for friendly & professional advice and the best motorhome experience you’ll find anywhere!