Dark Mofo 2018

Dark Mofo is back again bringing the locals and tourists from around the globe out into the fresh winter air to experience the much anticipated event created by the Museum of Old and New Art (MONA).  Almost everywhere you look there will be music art, food and film that explore the links between ancient and modern mythology, dark and light, birth and death.

Dark Mofo 2018

Local and international artists and musicians will be performing at various places across the city, with most centralised around the Salamanca, waterfront and CBD areas. For the duration of the festival the entire town glows red.

There is plenty to see with events for the whole family, grab a bite to eat and drink at the Winter Feast and discover why Tasmania is home to world-class, award winning food and drink. Finish the night off with a stroll around Dark Park which is an abandoned shipyard turned into a night fun park which this will keep the family entertained for hours with light, art, and film exhibits galore.

If you feeling game take part in one of Dark Mofos most popular events which brings people from a far for the nude solstice swim, brave crowds dash into the chilly waters of the River Derwent at sunrise for a midwinter swim.

With a lot of the major events sold out there is still plenty of cool stuff the get involved in. Dark Mofo runs from 13th – 24th June. For more information on events or to purchase tickets go to darkmofo.net.au/.

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