Explore The Best Quick Stops In New South Wales: Nature, Art, & More!

As you're zipping down the highways of New South Wales, adding some quick stops can transform a simple drive into an adventure. New South Wales is dotted with numerous breathtaking spots close to major roads, making them perfect for a swift detour.

Whether you're drawn to natural wonders or the charm of art installations, here's a roundup of the best quick stops in NSW!


Natural Wonders Near the Highway



Sea Cliff Bridge, Destination NSW


The Grand Pacific Drive and Sea Cliff Bridge

Just an hour's drive south of Sydney, the Grand Pacific Drive stretches over 140 kilometres and is one of the most scenic routes in Australia.

A standout feature along this drive is the Sea Cliff Bridge, a stunning bridge that stands tall along the coast above the ocean. There's a designated parking area from where you can take a short walk on the bridge itself and soak in the panoramic views of the Pacific.


Hanging Rock Lookout, Blue Mountains

Hanging Rock, Destination NSW


Hanging Rock, Blue Mountains

A short detour from the Great Western Highway, Hanging Rock offers a stunning view without an easy hike. The trail leads to a breathtaking cliff with views over the Grose Valley — perfect for those who want to experience the majesty of the Blue Mountains without committing to a day-long trek.


Fitzroy Falls, Morton National Park

Fitzroy Falls, Destination NSW


Fitzroy Falls, Morton National Park

Located just off Moss Vale Road, Fitzroy Falls provides a spectacular natural setting for a picnic. A short walk from the visitor centre will take you to a viewing platform where the waterfall plunges dramatically into the valley below.



Barrington Tops National Park, Destination NSW


Hunter Valley, Barrington Tops National Park

Located about two hours north of Sydney, this region is renowned for its vineyards, gourmet food, and beautiful gardens. The Hunter Valley Gardens and the nearby Barrington Tops National Park offer stunning natural landscapes and outdoor activities like hiking and wildlife watching​.

The road is sealed from Gloucester to the top of the plateau at Barrington Top State Forest, but after that, it will be too bumpy for our motorhomes.



Crystal Shower Falls, Destination NSW


Coffs Harbour, Dorrigo National Park

This coastal city is known for its beautiful beaches, subtropical climate, and family-friendly attractions like the Big Banana. It's also a gateway to exploring the nearby Dorrigo National Park, known for its impressive rainforest and waterfalls​


Art on the Go



Dog on the Tuckerbox, Destination NSW


Dog on the Tucker Box, Gundagai

An iconic piece of Australian folklore, this statue commemorates a dog from the bush ballad "Bullocky Bill," which depicts a series of misfortunes faced by a bullock driver.

Located just off the Hume Highway near Gundagai, this quirky monument is surrounded by parkland, making it a perfect spot for a quick stretch and a bit of local history.



Brewarrina Fish Traps, Destination NSW


Brewarrina Fish Traps

Located near Brewarrina, these are not only a significant cultural heritage site but are also celebrated through nearby art installations that reflect the region's rich Aboriginal heritage​.



Barraba Silos, Destination NSW

Barraba Silos

If you're on the silo trail, you'll want to stop for the Barraba Silos! Painted by Fintan Magee, these silos depict a farmer 'water divining'—a practice where individuals find underground water sources using rods or sticks.

Tamworth Water Tank

The Tamworth Water Tank is another one for our art lovers! Located at the Oxley Lookout, this tank features artwork of Australian animals painted by Damian Moroney and James Moulton.  

Gunnedah Water Tower Museum

This tower showcases a mural by Jenny McCracken, paying tribute to Australia's Vietnam Veterans. But unlike our other water towers, this one is also part of the local military museum! Take a moment to explore the display of memorabilia, artefacts, and archives hidden within the tower's four floors.


Must-See Local Attractions



Honey Haven, Destination NSW

Mudgee Honey Haven

If you find yourself cruising near Mudgee, make a sweet stop at the Mudgee Honey Haven. You'll have an unmissable opportunity to stretch your legs and taste some of the finest honey in Australia. They also offer mead tastings and have a range of honey-related products that make for perfect road trip snacks or souvenirs.



Cowra Japanese Garden and Cultural Centre, Destination NSW


Cowra Japanese Garden and Cultural Centre

Located just off the Mid-Western Highway, the Cowra Japanese Garden is the largest of its kind in Australia and features stunning landscaping and cultural exhibits. This serene garden is a beautiful spot to unwind, wander the Japanese greenery, and feed the koi fish.


World War II Tank Traps in Tenterfield

Follow the highway and discover the Tank Traps in Tenterfield! These odd structures were built during World War II as part of Australia's defensive measures.

Whilst you're here, make sure you visit Captain Thunderbolt's hideout and learn about the highwayman's uncanny life. You can find a walking track from there that will take you straight to the Tank Traps – alternatively there is parking closer.



Big Bench, Broken Hill City Council


Big Bench in Broken Hill

The Big Bench in Broken Hill is a playful photo op that will make everyone giggle. At two and a half times the size of a normal bench, it symbolises the larger-than-life spirit of the outback.

Big Golden Guitar in Tamworth

Standing tall along the New England Highway, the Big Golden Guitar is an iconic symbol of Tamworth's rich musical heritage, showcasing its status as the "Country Music Capital of Australia."


Big Merino in Goulburn

Big Merino, Destination NSW


Big Merino in Goulburn

Iconic across Australia and nicknamed "Rambo," the Big Merino celebrates Goulburn's history as a major wool-producing district. Visitors can explore the structure and learn about the wool industry through various exhibits and local gift shops.

Big Oyster in Taree

The Big Oyster in Taree is a nod to the local oyster farming industry. While originally built as an oyster bar and restaurant, it now serves as a unique landmark on the Pacific Highway.


Wrapping Up the Drive

These quick stops in New South Wales offer a chance to stretch your legs and experience a worthwhile detour on your road trip! So next time you're on the road, why not take a little detour? You might discover more than you expected.

Before you head out, be sure to check any council or national park websites in case of any seasonal closures or weather warnings, and don’t forget that you cannot drive our vehicles on any unsealed roasd!

Happy travels, and remember to take the scenic route occasionally—it's where the best stories begin! Start your adventure today and call our friendly reservations team on 1300 664 485 or check out our website to see the motorhomes we have available at our Sydney branch!

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