G’Day Mates: 5 Ways to Get into the Australia Day Spirit

It’s time
to dust off the Australian flag and heat up the barbie as the country’s
favourite public holiday rolls around again. This fiercely patriotic day
is the Holy Grail of Australian national public holidays and the ideal
time to experience a true blue dose of Aussie culture. Without further
ado, here are 5 ways to get into the ‘Straya Day spirit this Monday the
26th of January.

1. Invite all your mates around

Celebrating the 26th
of January on your own is considered down-right un-Australian. Invite
all your mates around, prepare the eskies and get ready to celebrate a
day of fun in the sun with everyone you know.  

2. Tune in to Triple J’s Hottest 100 Countdown

Australia Day simply wouldn’t be complete without Triple J’s Hottest 100 Countdown
blaring in the background. This Aussie rite of passage, touted as “the
world’s greatest music democracy”, has been around for a quarter of a
century and attracts half a million votes each year. Tune into Triple J
this Monday from midday to find out Australia’s pick of the top 100
songs from the year. 

3. Display the Australian flag

Drape the Aussie flag around your shoulders and paint your face with the green and gold. The 26th of January is the time to proudly display your patriotism and celebrate all things Australian.

some snags and prepare the BBQ for the quintessential Australia Day
experience.  The day just wouldn’t be right without flag-wearing locals
holding a sausage in bread. 

5. Get amongst the summer sporting scene

you’re watching the cricket or tuned in to the Australian Open, this
public holiday is the perfect time to soak up the sporting atmosphere.
In the afternoon make your way down to the nearest beach for a game of
beach cricket with friends.

How do you get in the Australia Day Spirit?