How to Enjoy a Motorhome Holiday with Friends

Travelling with friends can be an exhilarating experience
allowing you the opportunity to see new things together for the first
time and make memories that you will be reminiscing about for years to
come. That said, there is a particular art to travelling
successfully with friends without stepping on toes and cramping each
others style. Here’s how to enjoy a motorhome holiday with friends and
avoid becoming ‘frenemies’:

Plan the journey as a group

Planning a holiday with your friends is a great way to
build anticipation and ensures that you’re all on the same page. Get
together in the planning stages and come up with a rough itinerary that
takes into account everyone’s interests and must-sees. Planning in
advance is a great way to avoid conflict while you’re out on the road.
Allocate one group member as the leader to take down notes off each
person and put together a draft of the itinerary. The planning process
doesn’t have to be a drag – get together over pizza and drinks and turn
it into a light-hearted social event where everyone contributes.

Travel with the right people

If you’re having second-thoughts about your travel buddies
before you jump in the motorhome, you may want to reconsider your
companions. Travel with people that you know well so you will know their
boundaries and they will know yours.

Don’t feel pressured to do everything together

Before you travel, come to the understanding that you
don’t have to do absolutely everything together on the holiday. You may
want to break up the group to do different activities or just to have
some alone time. Having a break from your travel companions is a great
way to rejuvenate and appreciate the time you do have together during
the trip.

Bring a tripod for your camera

Travelling together is a great opportunity for group
photos! Avoid missing anyone out of the shot by bringing along a tripod.

Be easy to get along with

Avoid having too many cemented individual travel plans. If
you can go with the flow it will make the trip that much more enjoyable
for everyone. Travelling in a camper gives you ultimate flexibility so
try not to have your heart set on a set routine and itinerary. If
everyone has the ability to compromise the holiday will be smooth

Choose the best motorhome for group travel

It’s a good idea to hire the largest motorhome when it comes to group travel to optimise personal space.
Many campers come equipped with privacy curtains that allow you to
segment the sleeping areas at night. Hire the 
6 Berth Discovery for the ultimate group travel vehicle. 

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