Keep Your Eyes Peeled: Australia’s Unusual Wildlife

We all
know Australia is home to some of the most dangerously wonderful and
unusual fauna on the planet. Staying in a camper allows you the unique
opportunity get up close and personal with these critters, immersing
yourself in the natural environment and witnessing some of the most
amazing wildlife you’ll ever have the chance to encounter. These are
some of the most wonderfully weird animals you’ll find in the country if
you open your eyes.

The Tasmanian Devil

Believe it
or not, the Tasmanian Devil otherwise known as the Sarcophilys harrisii
is not just a cartoon myth and can be found in the south of Australia
in the state of Tasmania.  This carnivorous and nocturnal marsupial has a
stocky and muscular build and has the strongest bite per unit body mass
of any extant mammal land predator on the globe. You can get a glimpse
of these unique creatures at a number of destinations around Tasmania
including Tasmanian Devil Conservation Park, Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary
and Wings Wildlife Park.  The Tasmanian Devil is now a threatened
species due to the Devil Facial Tumour Disease, for information on how
you can help save the iconic Tassie Devil, visit


Known to
Australians but for many never seen, the Bilby or rabbit-bandicoot can
be found deep in the heart of Australia’s Red Centre. Often identified
as being Australian icons at Easter, these unique creatures are under
the threat of extinction due to the loss of their habitat. If you want
to get a glimpse of these creatures the best place to do so is in the
Tanami Desert of the Northern Territory, the Gibson Desert or the
Mitchell Grasslands of southwest Queensland.

The Cassowary

When you
set your eyes on the Australian Cassowary, you will understand why they
say that this creature may as well have been plucked straight from the
set of Jurassic Park. These rare and flightless birds are the second
heaviest bird in the world and can be extremely dangerous if put in a
threatened situation. You can glimpse these feisty yet attractive birds
in the wild in and around the beautiful rainforests of North Queensland.
Try your luck at Cape Tribulation and the Daintree Region, Kuranda and
Mission Beach.

Frill Necked Lizard

rather unusual lizard is a must if you are seeking out unusual animals
on your camping adventure. Resembling a dragon, these creatures are on
average 85 centimetres in length and get their name from the ruff of
skin which appears when the lizard is frightened or threatened. These
creatures spend most of their time in trees but can be seen in the
tropical north of the country and along the east coast. 

Common Wallaroo

We know
that you’ve all heard of the Kangaroo but what about the wallaroo? As
its name clearly states, this unusual animal is somewhere between a
kangaroo and wallaby and they can only be distinguished by their
forelimbs and shoulders. Unlike kangaroos who lounge about in the sunny
Australian outback, wallaroos enjoy the cooler interior of caves. These
animals can be found in eastern Australia in a range of forms and are
known as the Euro, Eastern Grey Wallaroo, Barrow Island Wallaroo, Red
Wallaroo, Roan Wallaroo, Barrow Island Wallaroo, Hill Kangaroo and

What’s the most unusual Australian animal you’ve seen while you’ve been camping?