Six ways to be a more sustainably conscious traveller on your Australian holiday

The term sustainable travelling is becoming more and more common – so what exactly does it mean?

It’s about finding ways to maintain tourism long-term without harming the natural and cultural environments. In simpler terms, it’s taking care and learning about the environment you’re holidaying in.

Sustainable motorhome holiday

Being a sustainable traveller is not as intimidating as it may sound. Booking local tours and engaging in the town’s culture is a satisfying way to do your part. It will also lessen your chances to cause offence or harm by doing something uncustomary.

Listed below are six simple steps that will make you a more sustainable, eco-conscious traveller ahead of your motorhome holiday:

  1. Shop and eat local

Sustainable motorhome holiday

Opt to get your produce from local farmers markets every few days. This is the best way to experience fresh food, support small businesses and eliminate plastic waste!

The best thing about motorhome holidaying is all the new experiences you’re bound to have! On the days you choose to eat out instead of cooking – choose an exciting local restaurant instead of fast-food chains.

If you’re a traveller who loves a shopping trip or four while holidaying, opt for local businesses as much as you can!  Do some prior research or check the tags. Souvenirs and gifts that are made locally are not only far more sustainable, they’re often much more appreciated.

  1. Reuse, reuse, reuse!


Sustainable motorhome holiday

One of the most sustainable things you can do while holidaying on the road is to avoid plastic at all costs. Bring as many reusable products as you can, including:

    • Keep-Cup

“Keep-cups” or reusable coffee cups are the best accessory you can have on your holiday!  Not only do most cafes reward you with a discount for bringing your own cup, but you’ll also feel good doing it!  This makes less waste in the world and less mess in your motorhome.

    • Grocery bags

When packing for your holiday, be sure to include a few environmentally friendly shopping bags – you’re sure to fill these up with local goods and produce along the way!

    • Containers

Avoid plastic wherever you can – don’t throw away jars when you’ve finished with its contents! Wash them and save them for your holiday. They’re great compact storage for snacks and leftovers!

    • Water bottle

You’d be surprised how many people forget this! Avoid having to buy single-use water bottles when you make a rest stop. A metal drink bottle is one of the best things you can bring with you! Avoid plastic bottles; not only are they unsustainable - they can leach chemicals when left in a warm vehicle.

  1. Embark on sustainable experiences

Sustainable experiences are abundant throughout the country; give yourself the challenge to visit as many as you can! It’s a rewarding and informative way to experience the land you’re on. Listed below are a few of our suggestions:

New South Wales:

        • Byron Bay Eco Cruises & Kayaks
        • Upcycled Hat Class, Bondi
        • Ngaran Ngaran Cultural Awareness
        • Blue Mountains Tour (Scenic world)
        • Imagine Cruises


        • Pennicott Wilderness Journeys
        • Belgrove Whisky Distillery
        • Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary
        • Tasmanian Devil Unzoo
        • Cradle Mountain Guided Walk


        • Phillip Island Nature Park
        • Moonlit Sanctuary
        • Natural Thermal Mineral Springs Bathing
        • Penguin Parade
        • Echidna Walkabout Nature Tours


        • Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary
        • Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary
        • Australia Zoo
        • Ngadiku Dreamtime Walk
        • Reef Magic Cruises

Head over to  for a reliable guide to eco-friendly travelling. Here, you can find out where to stay, what to do and where to go – with the environmental impact always first in mind!

  1. Pay for your national parks pass & camp fees

Passes and fees vary from state to state; it’s always best to sort this out as best you can before your holiday.

The money paid goes towards maintaining the parks and their traditional reserves. If there is an honesty box system where you camp, always pay the fee - the money is going towards the land.

  1. Become educated on your surroundings


Sustainable motorhome holiday

To best engage with locals and respect the land you’re on, educate yourself and your crew! Participate in tours and cultural experiences that are led by traditional owners.  When visiting wildlife sanctuaries or historical sights, opt for a guided tour.

  1. Leave like you were never there

Always recycle and dispose of waste appropriately – including fresh produce. Just because it’s food doesn’t mean it’s okay to leave in the wild or throw out the window.

Banana peels and fruit seeds don’t decompose as quickly as you’d think! That can result in non-native plant growth and harm our wildlife.

For environmental and sanitary reasons, it’s vital that you only dispose of greywater and wastewater at designated facilities.


Sustainable motorhome holiday

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