The most Instagram-worthy spots in Australia

Australia has some of the most scenic spots in the world, and thankfully, most of them are easily accessible or closer than you’d think! When travelling in a motorhome or campervan, it’s hard not to want to stop anywhere and everywhere for photos. There is so much beauty and awe to discover during an Australian road trip holiday! 

Whether you’re a keen photographer, want to be the envy of your friends and family, or just want to make some additions to your growing selfie folder – we’ve compiled some of the best and most Instagram-worthy spots to visit in Australia.


Grounds of Alexandria, New South Wales

Grounds of Alexandria


If you’re looking to impress your family or friends or just want the photo of a lifetime, don’t miss out on dining at The Grounds of Alex in Sydney, New South Wales. This restaurant is renowned for its beauty and ever-changing decorations.

While its current theme is Beauty and The Beast, you’ll never know what it will be next. You can be assured; it will be full of lights, bright colours and epic floral arrangements.  Of course, the food is just as insta-worthy!


Cape Hillsborough National Park, Queensland

Cape Hillsborough National Park

Where the rainforest meets the ocean, this incredible spot is found in the Mackay region of Queensland.

Walk along the pristine beach while the sun rises – the glow provides a picturesque moment that will have you and fellow Instagrammers in absolute awe.  The best thing? As you stroll the beach, you’re bound to meet some friendly wallabies along the way who will be happy to pose for a selfie or two.

There are plenty of nearby walking tracks where you can capture the beach from above and find rainforest walks, colourful birds & unique butterflies!


Tom and Eva Lookout, Victoria

Tom and Eva Lookout

When you think of Iconic spots to snap photos of during a holiday through the Great Ocean Road,  12 Apostles is usually first to come to mind. The Tom And Eva Lookout is often forgotten, which is a great shame! It’s a truly incredible place for photos, picnics and peaceful walks.

An arch was previously attaching the pair of rocks, but natural erosion took its toll, and the middle collapsed in 2009. When you read the natural wonder’s history and find out why it was named Tom and Eva – goosebumps ensue!

For the most epic selfie, don’t miss seeing it via the viewing platform! Head directly across from the car park entry, follow the gravel path, and you’ll find it roughly 100 metres away.


Mona, Tasmania


The Museum of Old and New Art (Mona) has to be one of the most Instagramable galleries in the world! There are waterfalls with words, questionable art and rainbow filled rooms.

There is a high chance you’ve seen multiple images of Mona on your feed in the past, not even Zac Effron could help himself on his recent visit.  That particular room recently had to be banned from the general public – too many people were falling from its optical illusion style floor while taking their iconic Mona photo!


Australian Butterfly Sanctuary, Queensland

Australian Butterfly Sanctuary

If you’re looking to brighten up your feed this summer, it doesn’t get much more fun than a visit to the Australian Butterfly Sanctuary! With 1,500 tropical butterflies flying around, you’ll interact with some of the rainforests most beautiful species. Stick around in hopes of getting the shot of a lifetime; you’ll never know who might fly onto your nose!


Bay of Fires, Tasmania

Bay of Fires

In 2015, Lonely Planet named Bay of Fires one of the Top 10 Places to Visit in the World. It’s easy to see why! The beach has dramatic colour palettes – the bluest of water and the whitest of sand surrounded by iconic, bright orange boulders.  Turn around, and you’ll find some of Tasmania’s most beautiful green bushland.

Pack your camera, a cheese board and a rug and have an unforgettable picnic on the iconic Tasmanian rocks.


Hosier Lane, Victoria

Hosier Lane

 In the heart of Melbourne CBD, you’ll find one of the most thriving art presidents in the country nestled in between cafe walls. Hosier Lane showcases provocative, intriguing, world-class art that people travel all over the world to see and take photos!  Of course, the artwork changes rapidly, so be sure to practice your favourite pose and snap pictures in front all your favourites!


Eat Street, Queensland

Eat Street

Located in an abandoned docking site in Hamilton, Queensland, you’ll discover one of the coolest places to dine in Australia! Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday evening, find 50 shipping containers filled with food stalls.

You can find almost anything your stomach desires and more! Some seriously Instagram-worthy dishes include pork dumplings, vegan tacos, caramel brownies, or even garlic snails!  

The most remarkable thing about Eat Street is possibly the vibe itself, neon lights everywhere alongside retro signage. It’s hard to leave this place without a folder full of photos.


Lincon’s Rock, Blue Mountains, New South Wales

Lincon’s Rock

The photos you can get on Lincolns Rock (formally Flat Rock) are so epic; a common assumption would be that it took hours of hiking to get there. It’s actually only a gentle few minutes walk from the car park! It can appear as if you’re sitting on the edge of a cliff from certain angles - but it’s an optical illusion and is much more structurally solid than it looks.


Cradle Mountain, Tasmania

Cradle Mountain

Cradle Mountain is an unmissable stop on your Tasmanian adventure, thanks to its clear water, dramatic mountain peaks, and iconic wildlife. As well as its never-ending natural beauty, get a selfie with the Tassie Devils at the Devil Sanctuary.

If you want some unique Cradle Mountain photos and discoveries, you can even ride a horse! For a memorable experience, wait until dusk and see if you can find some platypus.


Fitzroy Gardens Conservatory, Victoria

Fitzroy Gardens Conservatory

This lush conservatory in Fitzroy Gardens is full of ever-changing floral beauty. Sometimes it’s a tropical green paradise, other times in the year it is blooming with colour. There are unique fountains all around and even a waterfall. Fitzroy Gardens is such a scenic spot that not only is it a popular tourist destination, it’s also a sought-after wedding destination.


The Neck, Bruny Island, Tasmania 

The Neck

The Neck is the most popular thing to see and do while in Bruny Island; it’s also an essential habitat for all of Bruny Island’s incredible native wildlife.

One of the most iconic lookouts in Tassie, has become an iconic selfie spot too! If you’re lucky, you might spot some penguins or wallabies during your walk to the top, but the best part of The Neck is all to do with Mother Nature’s work.

It’s easy to find the perfect spot for your Bruny Island selfie – the one where you see both sides of The Neck and the blue water. There is generally a lineup full of locals and tourists doing it!


Sea Cliff Bridge, New South Wales 

Sea Cliff Bridge

Pack your drone for this beauty!

The Sea Cliff Bridge was built in 2015 to link the coastal towns of Coalclff & Clifton together – it quickly became a go-to spot for tv ads and other intriguing visuals.

This drive is a picturesque wonderland and now an icon for Wollongong and its surroundings.

If you don’t have a drone, don’t despair! There is also a walking track where you’ll be able to take an equally stunning photo overlooking the water and the beautiful rock cliff.


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