The Ultimate Camper Shopping List: What to Buy

You've collected your camper and now it's time to hit the road. Your first port of call should be the local supermarket to purchase the holiday essentials (and indulge in the not-so-essential as well). This comprehensive shopping check-list will ensure that you are fully-equipped for your on-road adventure. Remember that while you're on the road your motorhome will be equipped with a fridge, gas stove and microwave for storing and cooking your food. Condiments & Spreads - start with all those important flavour additions that come in handy on the road! These include salt & pepper, butter, tomato sauce, jams and the Aussie-favourite, Vegemite! If you don't want to buy a whole container of salt and pepper, it's a good idea to bring some in a portable container from home. Breakfast supplies - grab your cereals, bread, yogurt and milk for the breakfast essentials. Treat yourself to a few comforting hot breakfast items including bacon, hash browns, sausages - the works! Quick and easy food options - when it comes to cooking in the camper, it's a great idea to keep in simple and easy. Buy pasta, pre-cooked meals and salads. Bare in mind that your camper has a on-board fridge where you can keep everything fresh. Snacks  - buy chips, lollies, chocolate - your favourite on-road snacks to keep you happy while you're driving. If you're seeking a healthy alternative, grab some carrots or celery sticks to snack on. Toilet paper - though your camper comes equipped with toilet paper, it's a good idea to buy a few extra rolls to see you through the entire holiday. Hot & cold drinks - choose your favourite cold drinks to stock the fridge with as well as tea, coffee and milk. If you're after a sweet alternative to milk, condensed milk is a popular purchase among campers and comes in a convenient long-lasting tube. Sandwich fillers - with all the day trips you'll be doing on holiday, it's a great idea to prepare a lunch that can be had on the go. Get some cheese, butter, and use spreads to make it quick and easy. Your favorites- buy all your favourite foods to indulge on the holiday! While you're travelling around there will be a number of prime producers on the side of the road where you can top up your fridge and treat your taste-buds to Australia's best. Once you have done your big shop, unpack everything and hit the road again ready for your adventure!
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