Tips for Exploring Sydney by Camper

One of the more frequently asked questions by hirers is “how easy is it to travel around Sydney in a campervan?”
We know it can sometimes seem overwhelming to drive in a busy city for the first time. Enjoy a more hassle free experience with these tips for exploring Sydney by camper.

Leave the camper at the caravan park 

Instead of worrying about finding somewhere to park in the middle of Sydney, leave your motorhome at the caravan park and catch public transport into the city center. Sydney Lakeside Holiday Park is the closest camper accommodation to the city and is in easy walking distance of public transport. From this well-located park, you can either catch the L90 bus into the city (a pleasant 50 minute ride) or alternatively, catch the Manly Bus to Manly and then catch the ferry to Sydney Harbour. The ferry is a great way to unwind on holiday and offers spectacular views of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House. Spend your holiday exploring Sydney without spending a fortune on parking.

Collect the camper outside of peak traffic hours

There’s no denying that Sydney experiences a steady stream of traffic no matter what time of day you’re out and about. If you’re a first-time traveler feeling nervous about driving in bumper to bumper peak hour traffic, avoid collecting your motorhome during peak morning and afternoon hours during the work day commute.

Purchase an e-tolls pass 

Sydney has a myriad of road networks that include the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney Harbour Tunnel and a range of motorways that surround the city. All motorways are owned by private operators which means that a toll is charged for their use. You can pay cash at the majority of these toll booths except for the Sydney Harbour Bridge where you are required to have an electronic tag to pass over it. Visit the RTA website before you travel for important information regarding toll passes. If you’re looking for a hassle free way to navigate Sydney’s toll roads, an EMU pass is recommended as it only costs $5.95 to register, plus the tolls you incur and a 75 cent video matching fee per toll. These can be purchased at convenience stores and selected petrol stations. The toll roads in Sydney include the M2, M4, M5 and M7, Eastern Distributor, the Lane Cove Tunnel, the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Tunnel and the Cross City Tunnel.

Hire a Satellite Navigation System

Instead of fussing around with maps when you first collect your camper, hire a GPS device for just $9 per day to make navigating around the city much easier. Attach the GPS to your dashboard and let it do the thinking for you while you focus on driving. If you forget to purchase a GPS, don’t forget that most smart phones have great map facilities that can guide you swiftly to your next destination.

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