Travellers Check List: Must Pack Items Before You Leave

If you forget to pack something when you travel, 9 times out
of 10 it is easily replaceable at your holiday destination. However,
there are some essentials that are simply a must-pack when you’re
embarking on a camper adventure of a lifetime. Don’t forget to grab
these items before you walk out the door to ensure you enjoy a
smooth-sailing holiday. 

Drivers Licence 

This is a non-negotiable requirement when travelling by
camper. All drivers must have a current and full drivers licence that
they can present at the Cruisin’ office when they arrive. If you are an
international traveller, you will need to either have an international
drivers licence or a licence that is in an English format. 

Credit Card

Don’t forget that all hirers need to present a credit card
at the front office when they arrive. The credit card holder must also
be present on the day of collection at our office. 

Electrical Adapter 

If you are an international visitor it is advisable to
bring along an adapter to charge your phone and all electrical
equipment. A tip to make this easier is to purchase just one adapter and
a power board so that you can easily charge all your appliances at

Travel Insurance 

Travel insurance is a great addition to any holiday and
allows you greater peace of mind. Although you must purchase insurance
directly with Cruisin’, travel insurance will cover you if you do have
an incident and will also ensure that you are looked after in the event
of a medical emergency, lost baggage, or any unforeseen circumstances.
Some credit cards automatically offer travel insurance, so be sure to
look into this before you arrive and to check that they cover campervan
hire in addition to car hire. 

FM Transmitter 

An FM transmitter is a device that allows audio/music
content from a portable media player to be played through a nearby FM
radio. They are a great option for when reception drops out in the more
rural areas of Australia and guarantee that you can listen to your music
all holiday long.

Passport & Official Travel Documents 

this one is directed at our international guests. Don’t forget your
passport! It is a good idea for all travellers to put official
documentation together in a travel wallet including flight e-tickets and
your travel insurance policy to ensure it is all easily accessible when