Why You Should Experience A Cruisin’ Motorhome Adventure This Year - Cruisin Motorhome Rentals Australia

There are hundreds of reasons why you should experience the
joy of a campervan getaway this year. Here are our top reasons why a
motorhome adventure could be one of the most rewarding holidays you’ll
ever encounter.

Enjoy the Freedom – There’s nothing quite like
letting go of the baggage of everyday life and hitting the wide open
road to nowhere in particular. Pull over wherever you choose and be
immersed in Australia’s most spectacular natural environments. With this
form of travel you don’t have to worry about the constant hassle of
packing and unpacking every few days. Simply jump on board and let the
wind take you whatever direction it chooses. Enjoy!

Relax and Rejuvenate – Australia is home to a myriad
of charming sea-side villages, rural havens and secluded beach retreats.
This holiday, navigate off the beaten track to Australia’s more
laidback towns and enjoy a much needed dose of true relaxation. Free
camp beside unpopulated beaches, stay in the midst of a national park or
get to know the locals in an outback town smack bang in the famous Red

Sample Fresh Local Produce – With your own on board
kitchen, the culinary possibilities of motorhoming are endless.
Experience Australia’s best farm gates, stock up your fridge with fresh
seafood plucked straight from the ocean or take home a bottle of
Australia’s prime wine. Cook up a feast in the comfort of your kitchen
with the finest fresh local produce. Dine alfresco under the stars
making the most of the convenient outdoor table and chair setting.

Avoid the Hustle and Bustle of Airports – Skip the
long lines and time constraints of airports this year by hiring a
motorhome. Instead of flying from one destination to the next you’ll get
to see more of the country from the comfort of the driver’s seat. A
self-drive adventure is the perfect way to unwind and avoid additional
travel stresses.

Listen to Your Favourite Tunes – A Cruisin’ motorhome
getaway is the perfect time to catch up on all the latest music. Bring
along your favourite CDs and play them in the in-built CD player. Create
a wonderful soundtrack to accompany your self-drive escape.

Enjoy a Home on Wheels – After a hard day of
sight-seeing, returning to your motorhome will feel like coming home.
Store your luggage in the many cupboards inside the motorhome to make
your holiday a more comfortable experience. You will have everything you
need all in the one room.

Get to Know the Locals – If there’s one thing for
sure, you’ll meet some eccentric characters on the long Aussie road.
Locals are the best source of travel information and offer more insight
than your generic guidebook ever could. Let the locals guide you off the
tourist route towards more authentic Australian travel experiences.

Let the Kids Roam Free – Kids will adore their first
experience in a motorhome. All around the country you will discover
playgrounds, child-friendly caravan parks and tourist attractions
catering to the young ones. With an abundance of things to do and see
for everyone in the family, travelling with your kids will be a delight.

Save Your $$$ – Often, staying in hotels and catching
flights in Australia can be extremely costly. If you travel in a
motorhome you’ll be paying for both your accommodation and wheels at the
same time. Motorhoming is an economical way to experience Australia
with caravan parks often a quarter of the price of hotels and plenty of
opportunities for free camping. With our fuel-efficient and smooth
driving vans you will save on your holiday this year.

Update Your Album – Take as many photos as you like
on your motorhome adventure. The Australian landscape is perfect for
capturing a diverse range of images ranging from kangaroos on the side
of the road to impressive city skylines.

To book your motorhome adventure, visit www.cruisinmotorhomes.com.au or contact the Cruisin’ hotline on 1300 664 485.

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