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There’s nothing better than getting out in the fresh air and making the most of the school holiday season with the kids. Caravanning
and camping is a popular family pastime and there’s truly no better way
to make the most of Australia’s unique environments whether it is a
beach-side escape or national park adventure. If you’re looking to
entertain the kids over a 2 or 3 week school holiday period don’t look
past a motorhome hire adventure.

1. Kids Love Caravan Park Facilities

These days mainland Australia is home to some pretty spectacular caravan parks.
The kids won’t be bored for a moment with a number of activities
including mini-golf, games rooms, resort-style pools, jumping pillows,
recreational facilities, kids clubs and much more. Parents can relax in
the motorhome while the kids make the most of the surrounding

2. There’s An Adventure at Every Turn

you’re travelling in Australia there is likely to be something to
entertain the kids at every turn. Explore that park on the side of the
road with an impressive slide, a family-friendly zoo or a patrolled
beach – you will never run out of things to do with the kids on your
school holiday motorhome adventure.

3. A True Family Bonding Experience

Bring the whole family along for holiday memories that you
aren’t likely to forget.  Whether it’s your grandparents, aunties or
uncles, everyone loves to be involved in an action-packed family
adventure with the kids.

4. Unwind

families need down-time to relax and unwind and there’s no better way to
do so than on the free highway exploring some of Australia’s most
wondrous natural sights. With the kids busy at school and parents at
work, escaping on a motorhome hire adventure gives you room to breathe.

5. Enjoy some Family Fun Time and Make the Most of Your On Board Amenities

Put away your phone for the night and enjoy a home-cooked
family meal in the comfort of your motorhome. Pop a DVD in the
convenient in-built DVD player or make the most of your outdoor table
and chair setting while the kids explore the caravan park facilities.

6. Have Everything You Need Right at Your Fingertips 

Once you’ve unpacked your belongings into the motorhome you
will have everything you need for your family adventure. There’ll be no
hassle getting the kids to pack up their belongings every other day and
everyone can adapt to their own personal space in the motorhome.

7. Show the Kids a Large Slice of the Country 

prime window seat views the kids will get to see a diverse slice of
Australia from the comfort of their passenger seats. Drive past white
beaches, outback landscapes and tropical rainforests pulling over to
explore wherever takes your fancy. Not only will the kids love
experiencing a range of attractions and environments, their Australian
geography will benefit as well!

8. Get Up Close and Personal With Australian Wildlife

On the
road you will come across a diverse range of Australian wildlife
including kangaroos, wallabies, wombats, echidnas and more. Pull over
and observe the wildlife in their natural environment and give your kids
a chance to encounter animals they may have never seen before.

9. Make Lifelong Friends

There’s no better place to make friends than at your caravan
park. Let the kids roam free with fellow campers while you enjoy some
coveted alone time.

10. Learn New Skills

it’s a surfing lesson, animal feeding exhibition or art and craft class,
when you’re on the road there is something for everyone to learn. Let
the kids try something new and you might pick up a thing or two yourself
along the way!

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